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We are transforming the way raw materials of the metals & mining industry are bought and sold! At Metalshub, we are creating supply chain solutions for the metals industry and we are helping our customers to unlock value. Since the foundation in 2016, our team consisting of experienced former metals & mining executives and innovative minds has been working for our vision: Drive positive change in the metals & mining industry.


What working at Metalshub looks like

We believe in team work

Join our international team where ambitious and committed talents continuously challenge the status quo.

We invest in you

Unfold your full potential and take advantage of our training and development offer.

We trust and care

Flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home help you maintain a healthy work-life-balance.

We listen to you

Tell us about your ideas and insights. No matter the intern or the CEO – we are convinced anyone can change and implement things if the ideas are good.

We have fun

We work hard for our vision and thus love to balance this with regular team events, workshops or a round of kicker.

Our Awards

Great Place To Work Award 2022 & Kununu Top Company 2022 Award

Learn about our core values: Innovation

Learn about our core values: Innovation


We do not accept the status quo, we want to see things developing for the better. We embrace our endless curiosity for new and inspiring solutions leading to an atmosphere of constant ideation and innovation.

To us, keeping an innovative mindset, being aware of lifelong learning plus sharing your knowledge and ideas is the secret formula for success and growth.

That means for us:

  • We don‘t see problems, we see opportunities to change things for the better.
  • We constantly and actively push new ideas and identify the need for improvement.
  • We consequently question what we are doing and have an open mind for alternative approaches.


Learn about our core values: Passion

Learn about our core values: Passion


If you ask yourself how we manage to be ambitious and face daily challenges while keeping an eye on our goals and constantly going the extra mile. The answer is passion.

This internal motivation drives us all and fills our actions with enthusiasm and eagerness. Because we want to create a product that thrills our customers, because we aspire to the best results and simply because we love what we are doing.

That means for us:

  • We take part in fruitful discussions and show our interest and drive for specific topics.
  • We share a mutual vision and one can see it is close to our heart no matter what role we hold. 
  • We show initiative and drive even beyond our specific role definition.
Learn about our core values: Team Spirit

Learn about our core values: Team Spirit


Coming from all around the world, we unite in an international family sharing the same vision.

We are loyal, supportive and we care for each other this makes us a powerful and unstoppable team living diversity.

That means for us:

  • We treat each other with respect and don‘t make a difference, regardless of position or any other attribute.
  • We care for each other and collaborate to not leave anyone behind.
  • We always put the team and our mutual objectives first and show interest and motivation for each other’s ideas.
Learn about our core values: Honesty

Learn about our core values: Honesty

Trust is key to all relationships, be it between customer and company or within a team. This is why we commit to full transparency and honesty internal as well as external. We believe that fairness and reliability are essential for co-working successfully and that if we want to be authentic, we have to willingly share our information and insights to partners and colleagues.

That means for us:

  • We are transparent internally about what we think and intend to do without having a hidden agenda.
  • We speak the truth, even if this means admitting mistakes, failure or facing bad news.
  • We also openly share information, knowledge and open feedback with external partners, candidates and customers.
Learn about our core values: Ambition

Learn about our core values: Ambition


We want to disrupt a traditional market and change long established processes. This takes more than time and a smart strategy. 

It takes courage, commitment and the indestructible power to get up and learn after you fell. We all take ownership and are ready to take up the challenge as we know that with combined force, we can make it.

That means for us:

  • We are hungry and eager for finding the best solution and spare no efforts for it.
  • We are stepping out of our comfort zone and have the willingness to face and overcome obstacles.
  • We learn from failures and use them to just return more resilient and persistent.

Learn about our core values: Innovation

Learn about our core values: Passion

Learn about our core values: Team Spirit

Learn about our core values: Honesty

Learn about our core values: Ambition


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Our founders Frank & Sebastian


"The opportunity to build a product that truly changes the industry and being able to take ownership makes Metalshub very special to me. It’s a huge personal challenge, my skills are reaching next level thanks to the team."


"In no way did I expect such a vibrant, friendly and supportive team to work with! We are very multicultural and empathetic towards each other. Anyone in the team is always ready to help whenever needed. Amazing culture!"

Champions of the Kicker Tournament


"The ability to work on a wide range of exciting topics, the independence we have in our work, and the friendly and multicultural work environment make working at Metalshub special."

Contact us

Contact us

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